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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Body and Soul Cleansing Technique

Spell Cleansing

Not every spell is complex, some spells are simple meditations to help adjust your thinking patterns. Here is one that is especially calming yet powerful:

The Body and Soul Cleansing Technique
You'll need to run yourself a nice warm bath. Add some scented bath oils or sea salt crystals for added potency. Set the mood by dimming the lights and adding scented candles. A glass of wine enhances the mood.

Full Spell Instructions

Friday, April 11, 2014

Win an Angel Card Reading

You can win an Angel Card Reading in The Love Spells monthly Giveaway!

How To Enter
It's easy, you just have to visit the Facebook Page, "LIKE" and enter.

An Angel Card Reading can provide insight into situations going on in your life and help you to get clarity.

The Giveaway winner will be announced on April 30th.

Our angels and spirit guides are always trying to deliver messages to us. You can hear their messages when you're still, when you tune everything else out. Find a quiet place (if you can) and close your eyes. Just focus on your breathing and quiet your mind. Then you will want to ask your angels for an answer to a problem you're having. Wait and just focus on your breathing. The answer will come.

Monday, April 7, 2014

5 Signs That Your Dealing with Someone with Jealousy Issues

There's such a thing as wanting to be number 1 in someone's life and it's another to want to dominate that persons affections.

How can you tell when someone you're involved with is demonstrating jealousy, or a need to control or dominate you?

#1 When this person seems to have to be involved in the organizing of your day to day life. You'll know they are crossing a line when they can't accept a decision you make.

#2 When you start to feel the effects of their possessiveness. They may say they're only being possessive because they love you, but if you're feeling's real.

#3 When you're being checked in on constantly. If you arrive at your destination and you get a call or text to confirm you're there. One step further is when that person is checking in with your friends or family to confirm your story.

#4 When this person gets mad when you go against their wishes.

#5 When they start checking your Facebook and phone to see who you've been talking to.

When it comes down to it if you feel you're slowly being isolated by this person and you're having to defend what you've done, who you were with, or where you've're dealing with a JEALOUS person!

Is it Love or Obsession?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spell to Change Your Luck

Do you want to change your luck? Luck is a reflection of what you focus on, your mindset. If you are convinced you have bad luck then that's all you'll bad luck. The same goes for good luck, if you keep focused on when you've been lucky you'll attract more...good luck!

Here is a spell you can perform to wipe the slate clean, but keep in mind, you have to support the spell with positive thinking in order for it to work.

Cast the spell during a new moon which always boosts the power of the spell.

You'll need a black candle to dispel the negative energies and some incense to ignite the renewal of good luck.

Spell Details
to dispel negative energy