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Friday, March 28, 2014

Weight Loss Spell

Almost 3 months has passed since you made that New Year's Resolution to lose weight, but where are you now?

If you need a little push forward to get back on the weight loss train take a look at this easy weight loss spell.

All you need is a dozen eggs, 1 dried ginseng root and some ground cinnamon.

This spell will be carried out for 12 days but the results will amaze you.

Weight loss spell
  • 1 carton of a dozen large white eggs
  • 1 dried ginseng root (sliced fine)
  • ¼ cup of ground cinnamon
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    Tuesday, March 25, 2014

    How to Create a Love Spell Perfume

    DIY - Love Spell Perfume

    If you are the DIY type and you enjoy making your own scents, lotions, or perfumes, then you will want to try making your own love spell perfume. It's amazing how different scents can make us feel emotions.

    Certain scents are aphrodisiacs and evoke a sexual or emotional desire. For example vanilla is widely known for it's aphrodisiac qualities, that's why they add it to candles, body sprays, ect.

    Love Spell Perfume Ingredients
    • Lavender, sandalwood, vanilla, and ylang ylang essential oils
    • Pheromone oil
    • Cinnamon
    • lemon leaf
    • Mint sprig
    • Water
    • Vodka

    Full instructions on how to create a love spell perfume

    3 drops lavender essential oil
    5 drops sandalwood essential oil
    5 drops vanilla essential oil
    5 drops ylang ylang essential oil
    4 drops of pheromones
    Pinch of cinnamon
    1 lemon leaf
    1 mint sprig
    2 cups distilled water
    3 tbsps vodka - See more at:

    Tuesday, March 18, 2014

    How to Attract Better Luck

    Do you feel you have bad luck, or maybe you feel you just aren't very lucky? Bathing in certain herbs can transform your luck and re-set your energy to become more positive.

    First you have to re-set your thinking to allow this luck spell to work. Start with gratitude for every experience that comes into your life however small.

    Then create a bath infused with herbs to add more power to the spell.

    Good Luck Spell Instructions

    Spring Luck Bath

    Wednesday, March 12, 2014

    What are the signs that it's time to move on from a relationship that is just not working? Are any of these 12 signs familiar to you? If so it's time to close one door so another can open for you.

    Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    Relationship Help: Keep Intimacy Alive!

    Couples have problems which make them slowly grow apart. If I were giving you only one relationship tip I would say, don't lose the intimacy. No matter what happens keep the intimacy alive. Touch is one of the fundamental things people need to feel close to each other.

    Affection is key; a hug, a kiss, holding hands can be more effective and powerful than you think. The level of a hormone called Oxytocin your body produces increases with affectionate touch.

    Touch is vital to a healthy relationship. It helps to brings the walls down just enough to open up the lines of communication.

    Monday, March 10, 2014

    Music Monday! Shania Twain Love Song

    It's Music Monday....I'd like to share a song from the beautiful Shania Twain. She has loved and lost....but hasn't given up. Her husband cheated on her with her assistant and broke her heart, but she has since moved on and is now married again. Fred has given her a new lease on love.

    Tuesday, March 4, 2014

    Rekindle Passion In the Bedroom

    If things have become stale in the bedroom and the passion has waned you can use the Powder Keg Sex Spell to rev things up a little.

    You will need the following:

    • Red candle
    • Matches
    • Cubeb berries (if you can't find this type of berry you can substitute it for another red berry)
    • Measuring cup
    • Baby powder
    • Musk oil
    • An old set of bed sheets

    Go to for spell instructions.

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    The Powder Keg Sex Spell

    The aptly-named "powder keg" sex spell outlined below is designed to fire up weary couples looking to stimulate their libidos and reinvigorate their sex life.
    When long-time lovers connect physically, the passion sessions usually occur in the intimate setting of their bedroom. In time, routine can cause sexual desire to diminish, rendering the relationship stale. Subsequently, the shared bed becomes a mere place to lay their heads.
    If you and your partner have become stalemates in the bedroom, cast the powder keg sex spell and re-ignite an arousing explosion beneath the sheets! First, you will need to gather up a little bit of ammunition:
    Materials Required:
    • a red candle (symbol of love, sex, power and good health)
    • matches or a lighter
    • dried cubeb berries (or the extract powder)
    • a measuring cup
    • an old set of bed sheets, fitted and flat
    • baby powder
    • musk oil
    Setting the Charge

    In the kitchen, grind about half a cup of the cubeb berries into a powder (this process can be skipped if you have pre-packaged extract powder). For the next step, head to the bedroom.
    Close the bedroom door, dim the lights, set the candle on an even surface and light it. Strip down your bed of its sheets and replace them with the old (but clean!) ones. Use your fingers to sprinkle all of the cubeb powder over the entire surface of the fitted sheet, and then dust some baby powder atop the cubeb powder, covering all areas of the mattress. Be generous - you can not scatter "too much" of it. Now place about 20 drops of musk oil in random spots on the fitted sheet. Next, spread the flat top sheet over the bed, sandwiching the powder concoction so that it touches neither your skin nor the mattress underneath.
    Lie down on the bed and close your eyes. Visualize the erotic outcome of the sex spell in your mind. After a moment's pause, speak these words aloud:
    "Oh Spirits, do hear
    The request our bodies and minds hold dear,
    Rekindle us upon this powder and dust
    In your able hands, with faith, we shall trust,
    So bless us, today
    So bless us, for always"

    Take a few deep breaths before opening your eyes. At this point you may get up and straighten out the sheets before blowing out the candle.
    That same evening, make love to each other on those old "enchanted" sheets. Soon enough, you should experience the sexual sensations once thought to have vanished from the relationship. Embrace the new stirrings while you embrace your lover, as if for the first time.
    The following day, carefully remove the bed sheets and dispose of them. Start enjoying a freshly-written chapter in your book of love!
    Note: This particular sex spell can be performed by both partners simultaneously or at different times, or by one or the other, at any time of day and during any phase of the moon.

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