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Friday, January 31, 2014

Come and Get Me...Love Spell

Essential oils are commonly used in love spells for two reasons; fragrance and potency.

Use the following essential oils to create the powerful Come and Get Me Spell to attract love into your life.

  • 1/2 ounce olive oil
  • 2 drops cinnamon oil
  • 5 drops patchouli oil
  • 4 drops rose oil
  • 7 drops sandalwood oil
  • - See more at:
    • Olive oil
    • Cinnamon oil
    • Patchouli oil
    • Sandalwood oil
    Click on this link for the whole recipe, and then post your review on the website!

    Saturday, January 25, 2014

    Coconuts.....A Sweet Smelling Aphrodisiac!

    It's a proven fact that coconut is a natural powerful aphrodisiac.

    The scent of coconut triggers sensors in the body that feel pleasure, and this scent attracts people to you. 

    If you want to draw the opposite sex to you go ahead and conjure up this spell:

    Love Coconut Spell

    Love Coconut
    Love Coconut

    Wednesday, January 22, 2014

    Spiritual Singles Dating Site: Success Story

    Spiritual Singles is an online dating site that offers single people the opportunity to really seek out their soul mate. I really encourage people to try it out as an alternative to POF or Match, and here's why:

    Snippet from Article on the Spiritual Seekers Website: 

    “Spiritual Dating” or “Conscious Dating” is an enlightened way of meeting and dating. There are no rules or expectations, and it’s about being true to oneself and staying in the flow. Conscious dating is more fun than the traditional style of dating, and it yields much better results! As we raise our vibrational frequencies and approach fifth dimensional living, it’s more and more important to practice Spiritual Dating with respect to meeting a life partner as our thoughts and feelings are manifesting extremely fast!"
    Read the whole article

    Testimonial from Robert S who writes about his experience with the Spiritual Seekers website:  

    I just had to tell you that I met the love of my life ON YOUR WEBSITE!!  I can't thank you enough. She was in NY, I am in Oregon...but she had family here so we got to we are working on her moving.  Such a great service you provide!

    I had been on Match and POF, but nothing matched the quality of women on your site.  I met some amazing ladies, but when I met Laura, we both knew that our search was over.  I have never had a woman meet me at such depth.  I have never experienced such a pure example of the divine feminine.  I don't know how I would have found her without your site.  Best money I have ever spent.
    Laura had never done online dating.  I contacted her the day she signed up.  And I was the only person she responded to.

    Let people know that it can happen fast and you don't have to sort through hundreds of profiles... ;)

    Robert S
    The Search for Your Spiritual Soul Mate Just Got Easier - See more at:

    Monday, January 20, 2014

    Video's That Celebrate Love

    With Valentines Day coming up in February I'm going to do a tribute to love each Monday.

    Today we'll take a look at X Factor's winner's Alex and Sierra's representation of the song "Say Something" and be inspired by the love they share.

    Let their love for each other move you to want the same in your own life.

    Saturday, January 18, 2014

    Weight Loss Visualization

    If your New Year's Resolution is to lose weight, and you're really serious about may be surprised to learn that visualization is key to getting there.

    Of course you need to limit your intake of calories and exercise, there's no way to get around that but to stay the course, which is the most challenging part of weight loss you have to visualize and claim the body you want to have.

    It's all about focus! 

    Take a look at this weight loss visualization spell that just may be what you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

    Monday, January 13, 2014

    Top 10 Lies Men Tell Women

    Cosmopolitan had an interesting article about the lies men tell women. After reading it, a light bulb went on!

    Think about your own relationship and the conversations you have with other women, and their complaints about the excuses the men in their lives make. Read on and see if any of these sound familiar.

    Coming in at #10
    I got stuck in traffic
    How many times have you heard this excuse when a man is running late and doesn't want to get bitched at?

    It wasn't....that expensive
    Men love their toys and when they want something they don't actually really need...but don't want to look like their being too spend thrifty they might use this excuse.

    I'm on my way...or I was just leaving
    This has always been a very successful stalling tactic.

    I haven't drank that much
    When he knows that you are starting to take notice of how much he drinks, he might use this line.

    #6 - Sorry I missed your call
    #5 - My battery died
    #4 - I had no signal
    When he starts to feel like he's being checked in on too much he might screen your calls and not respond right away because he's feeling like he needs some space.

    Ok we're getting down to the nitty gritty!

    In position #3
    No, you look great in that
    When a man is asked questions like; "Does my butt look big in these jeans?" or "Does this make me look fat?" nine times out of ten he'll tell you that you look great. This one we'll have to put on ourselves, we kinda pushed them into that lie!

    After this beer I'm on my way
    There is no "last beer", he might mean it when he says it, but one always leads to another, and another still.

    Drum roll please!!!!

    In position #1 
    When asked is something wrong, or are you ok?
    He'll usually always respond by saying.....Nothing's wrong, I'm fine. Why? Because he doesn't want to get into it with you.

    If you're confused and trying to figure out if it's really my article Love or Lust.
    Love is anything but easy! You're out of love and think you're never going to understand it. You're in love and still think you don't understand it. - See more at:
    Love is anything but easy! You're out of love and think you're never going to understand it. You're in love and still think you don't understand it. - See more at:

    Friday, January 10, 2014

    Human Euphoria Perfume Helps to Make you More Desirable

    Human Euphoria perfume or cologne makes you more desirable. There's a special ingredient in this product that is so potent.....what ingredient might that be?

    Have you ever heard of pheromones, something our own sweat glands produce that draws love interests to you?

    Other perfumes and colognes may smell nice, but don't have the same power to attract others to you in the same way.

    Human Euphoria is made from pheromones, something we all have but having a little extra can make a big difference, especially when you aren't having success in attracting others to you, or feeling attractive.

    Buy Human Euphoria and experience the power of pheromones!

    Monday, January 6, 2014

    Men...What Not to do on an Online Dating Site

     What Women Would Improve About Men's Profile's on Online Dating Sites

    So you're a woman whose signed up on an online dating site and decided to give it a try. You may have gone through the photos of the men on the site and discovered that a lot of the photos (with some exceptions) could fit into a few basic categories:
    • Men with Pets (usually dogs)
    • Men with their children
    • Men without shirts (usually sporting tattoos, abs, or grabbing their personal parts)
    • Men with other women
    • Men with cars
    • Men without pictures 

    I interviewed a woman who has been actively using an online dating site for a few years now who had some advice to give the men who fit in the categories above.

    What online dating site are you currently using?
    I’m currently using Plenty of Fish (POF)

    How long have you been actively using this online dating site?
    I’ve been actively using Plenty of Fish on and off for the last two years.

    When browsing through images of a guy’s profile what do you find are the top three turn-off’s?
    While browsing through images on a guys’ profile, my three biggest turn offs are:

    1) Taking a picture with their pet, the whole animal lover feels like a selling feature!
    2) Taking a picture with an old lover or family member. (I won’t even give these a second look)
    3) Taking a real close up of their face, it’s a little scary!

    What are the most common messages you get from guys on this dating site?
      I normally get: “hey beautiful”, which is way too common. If a guy is interested in messaging a girl, I would say; make sure to be creative!!! 

    What turns you off about a guy’s profile pic?
    When a guy is flexing / showing off it turns me off. I also don’t get why guys have to hide behind their pets. I also hate seeing a mad / serious face. He should look like a happy, welcoming person. 

    What turns you on?
    What turns me on is when I see a guy smiling genuinely, and taking a normal picture. 

    What advice would you give to the other sex about how to have more success with women on dating sites?
    Take normal pictures, smile, and don’t hide behind your pets! Also, be creative when messaging a woman. Also don't ask a woman to send you a sexy photo, it's a little degrading!

    Would you be willing to try another dating site besides the one you’re using?
    I would definitely try another dating site, If I don’t find any success with this one. I would only use one dating site at a time though! 

    Have you ever heard of Spiritual Singles?

    Would you be willing to try it?
    I would definitely be willing to try it out!

    Did you know that on Spiritual Singles it’s FREE to Create a Full Profile, read and reply to messages and free to send hello’s and indicate interest? 

    Take the Sexual IQ (Intimacy Quotient) and Compatibility Test and Spiritual Singles will play cupid and send you recommendations based on your personal preferences. 

    Read more about Spiritual Singles Online Dating and find your soul mate!