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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Forgiving Yourself and Set Yourself Free

We're always talking about forgiving others as a way of letting go of the past and setting yourself free. But what about forgiving yourself? What we hold onto binds us, like a weight holding us down and keeping us from being truly free.

What have you done...or haven't yet done that needs your attention. What have you not forgiven yourself for? How much energy do you feel you have lost because of it?

That voice in your head, the one that says you know you shouldn't have...or you know you should have...replays over and over like a tape in your head creating the weight that holds you down.

Make peace with your wrong choices. Notice I didn't refer to them as mistakes, because there are no mistakes, just wrong choices. When you make a wrong choice, it's like a detour that tells you there's a better way. So go a DIFFERENT way.

Make peace with what you haven't done, that you feel you should've done. Either chalk it up to bad timing or put it on your list of things to do...and then do it when it feels right.

Forgiving yourself as you would someone else. It's important to your soul's growth.

Practice loving yourself with this self-love spell.