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Monday, January 6, 2014

Men...What Not to do on an Online Dating Site

 What Women Would Improve About Men's Profile's on Online Dating Sites

So you're a woman whose signed up on an online dating site and decided to give it a try. You may have gone through the photos of the men on the site and discovered that a lot of the photos (with some exceptions) could fit into a few basic categories:
  • Men with Pets (usually dogs)
  • Men with their children
  • Men without shirts (usually sporting tattoos, abs, or grabbing their personal parts)
  • Men with other women
  • Men with cars
  • Men without pictures 

I interviewed a woman who has been actively using an online dating site for a few years now who had some advice to give the men who fit in the categories above.

What online dating site are you currently using?
I’m currently using Plenty of Fish (POF)

How long have you been actively using this online dating site?
I’ve been actively using Plenty of Fish on and off for the last two years.

When browsing through images of a guy’s profile what do you find are the top three turn-off’s?
While browsing through images on a guys’ profile, my three biggest turn offs are:

1) Taking a picture with their pet, the whole animal lover feels like a selling feature!
2) Taking a picture with an old lover or family member. (I won’t even give these a second look)
3) Taking a real close up of their face, it’s a little scary!

What are the most common messages you get from guys on this dating site?
  I normally get: “hey beautiful”, which is way too common. If a guy is interested in messaging a girl, I would say; make sure to be creative!!! 

What turns you off about a guy’s profile pic?
When a guy is flexing / showing off it turns me off. I also don’t get why guys have to hide behind their pets. I also hate seeing a mad / serious face. He should look like a happy, welcoming person. 

What turns you on?
What turns me on is when I see a guy smiling genuinely, and taking a normal picture. 

What advice would you give to the other sex about how to have more success with women on dating sites?
Take normal pictures, smile, and don’t hide behind your pets! Also, be creative when messaging a woman. Also don't ask a woman to send you a sexy photo, it's a little degrading!

Would you be willing to try another dating site besides the one you’re using?
I would definitely try another dating site, If I don’t find any success with this one. I would only use one dating site at a time though! 

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Would you be willing to try it?
I would definitely be willing to try it out!

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