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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rekindle Passion in the Bedroom: Exercise the Magic

If your New Year's resolution is to spice up your relationship you might want to read on; here are a few ideas to put that spark back into the relationship.

1. Kiss
Something as simple as kissing can help to re-kindle the magic. Do you remember time spent with your lover when you were first together, how much time was spent kissing? Believe it or not kissing can be as intimate as making love. Re-discover the magic of a kiss.

2. Look into your lover's eyes. Spend time caressing each other lovingly. Don't allow yourselves to make love just yet!

3. Talk to each other about anything that doesn't relate to... your day, the kids, your jobs.....the daily humdrum of life can bring you down so keep the conversation happy and light.

Start with these three things to kick start the passion back into your relationship and see where it takes you!