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Monday, December 9, 2013

Mid-life Crisis or Breakthrough?

We've all been warned about a potential mid-life crisis when we reach 40. Men buy fancy cars, have affairs with younger women, and women leave their husbands.....and it's all a mid-life crisis, so they say.

I say for some maybe a mid-life crisis...for others a breakthrough!

There's something about reaching 40 that is not like the other decades you've passed. It's a make or break for you so to speak. You must decide if the life you have is really what you want. Because to move on and start over is a process all it's own and at this point in your life you need to be sure you're up for it.

Something about turning 40 presses all these buttons in your head and you begin to really weigh in on your happiness. Are you happy? Have you and your partner grown together or apart? Is this the life you dreamed of for yourself....or is there a nagging suspicion that there's something you need to do?

I have been there. I left my husband of 13 years. Everyone thought I was crazy; but my heart wasn't there anymore and I felt like a cardboard cutout of my own self living everyday for everyone else but me. I felt exhausted and aching for something more.

Every story is different, but mine resulted in finding my soul mate. I released my fate to a higher power and decided I was going to take a leap of faith.

It was tough, a struggle still at times financially and psychologically.....and has been a change for my children as well, but I had too...I simply had too.

So did I go through a nervous breakdown, or mid-life crisis? I'd like to think that it was a mid-life breakthrough. A chapter that would define how I lived my truth, for the next part of my journey. I feel more authentic as a result. I know it won't be easy..but I'm up for the challenge!

This is my story, it may be like yours....maybe yours is very different, but ladies and gentlemen don't ever forget IT'S YOUR STORY!

Here's a spell to call forth your soul mate.