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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life!

 Do you sometimes wonder why you're not attracting the things in life you desire? This may be a partner, or job, or even just a sense of well being? Maybe you feel exhausted all the time and you can't seem to generate enough energy.

What Makes Us Lose Or Gain Energy

Your body is made up of more than just flesh and bones; you are made of energy. This energy is powerful depending upon how you use it will determine the impact you make on your own health, relationships, and the power of your own energy force. Nothing works without energy; it's like the battery that charges your body. Some would refer to this energy body as the soul or life force.

  • When your battery is fully charged with positive energy your body is healthy, and your general sense of well being is at peace.
  • When your battery is fully charged with negative energy, which is just as powerful; you create a dis-ease within yourself that shows up as sickness, depression, and a feeling of exhaustion.
 You own the power to give yourself this positive or negative charge, everyday is a new day and with each new day brings new hope.

Channel Your Energy, Change Your Life!
Presence! Be present in every moment good or bad in your life. Turn off your phone! Be in each and every moment. Staying centered....helps to center your energy, bringing it back where it should be, in your core where it gets stronger and stronger. This energy is transferred into your organs, into your blood stream, into your entire body....and when it's positive it's creating a positive aura. Your aura attracts things to you, it invites people into your life or.....pushes them away.

Meditate, even for a few minutes every day and just clear your thoughts away and just breathe. Concentrate on your pulse, your breathing and stay there just for a moment or two. When you've done that be in a state of gratitude; feel grateful for your life.

When you get into this state of mind often enough you'll see a change in your energy, what you're attracting, and suddenly you'll be attracting love into your life...because your aura is cleared out and you now have the space to receive love.

u without indicating which glass you charged. Water changes its taste when you run energy into it. See if the other person can detect a difference in taste and ask them to describe the difference.

I've heard people describe it as "smoother, softer, better tasting or even less chlorine tasteless metallic, etc."

Imagine being able to drink your energy? Now there is a real "energy" drink for you!