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Monday, June 17, 2013

5 Tips For Dating In Your 30's and 40's And Beyond

Dating in your 30's and 40's and beyond can be a challenge, but if you're willing to sift through some bad apples to find the one that suits you, well then it was all worth it in the end!

1. Stop chasing the bad boys (bad girls). Haven't you learned anything from past experience? Those who behave badly are never going to settle down. Let's face it you don't need the drama of trying to figure someone out at this stage of the game.

2. If you're going to use a dating site, BE HONEST! Be honest about who you are and what you really want. So many people put themselves in the "casual dating" category because they don't want to scare anyone away by making them think they're actually serious about finding love. When you do this, you attract those who are not serious, and that's not what you really want, let's face it. We all want love, not casual affairs.

3. Leave your baggage at the door! When you are going on a date with someone keep it about the two of you. They don't need to know your whole life story by the first meeting. They do need to know what you're looking for and what you're all about, but all of the relationship history is not something you need to bring to the table, so to speak.

4. Rely on your gut feelings when you meet someone, don't talk yourself out of a feeling or instinct about someone. Your gut feelings are usually accurate.

5. Have fun on a date; put down your defenses and let yourself enjoy the moment without placing huge expectations on yourself or your date. Be the real you, not who you think this person might want to know. If he or she is made for you it will be easy, it'll feel right. There's no need to try to be something you're not, being something your not is going to attract people you don't really have much in common with and potentially keep the ones you do...away.