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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Allison asks: 
Do you know anything about what love spell to use to help bring a love back? That is safe and not going to hurt others. I don't want bad Karma.

Terri's Answer:
When I concentrated on your situation, I drew the past-life issues card. It seems one or more of your past lives plays a part in why you want this person back in your life. You have abandonment issues you'll face in this lifetime again and again until you deal with being ok on your own, with just yourself. It's your opportunity to balance the karma and learn the lessons you need to in this lifetime so that you don't have to face it again.

Here is a love spell you can use to bring a love back into your life if you choose.

Here's a spell I would like you to have; it's for practicing self love.

Good Luck Allison!